April 2014

Finn is here ;-)

Its so funny to see just how much little Finn looks just like his big brother Sawyer did at the very same age.  We got some super cute shots in the studio the other day 😉

Little ray of sunshine ;-)

It was great to see little Poppy again.  We got some fantastic shots, I have to say how can you not when she is SO cute?

Happy little soul ;-)

I loved this session there was so much happy energy all the way through.  Little Jonty was absolutely full of beans and an utter pleasure to photograph.  He had me giggling as much as he was all the way through the session. It always helps when Mum and Dad are as full of beans as […]

Welcome Sullivan ;-)

Was so great to meet the Ramsey family’s latest addition little Sullivan was born on St Patrick’s day.  Congratulations guys he is beautiful 😉  

Its a dogs life…

Really enjoyed this job 😉  I gotta say I am a doggy person and I love being surrounded by the little furry friends.  They are so funny when you see their unique characteristics come out its especially great when you see it in a photograph.  It was very fun shooting at Must Love Dogs the […]