Pet Photography

Pet Photography

Paws and Portraits: Holidays with our Furry Family Members

The holiday season is a time for togetherness, joy, and creating cherished memories with our loved ones. At Picture This, we believe that family isn’t just limited to humans—it includes our furry companions who bring boundless love and happiness into our lives. That’s why this festive season, we’re excited to invite you and your adorable […]

Lush Light with Baby Harrison and His Human and Furry Parents

Beautiful baby Harrison and his parents (including his furry parent) did newborn photos in their lush backyard with golden light. This chilled out family was so fun to work with and was up for anything. Their little pup Una Bella was also very keen to be a part of the shoot and added such a […]

Christmas Shoots! Studio, Location or Underwater

Picture This Studios is offering a wide array of beautiful Christmas photography shoots with Heather Holt Photography. From In-Home studio shoots with fun backgrounds and props, stunning beach shoot made festive with our bubble machine and Christmas hats, and action packed underwater shoots in our bright blue Cayman Waters. After the shoot we can print […]

The Deegan Swimming Pack of Pooches

When your dogs are your best friends and you want to go to the beach, this is what happens! Coconut chasing, swimming in the clear Caribbean, playing in the sand (and maybe eating a little too) and posing with your humans. We had a blast with the Deegan pack and had such a beautiful clear […]

Released into the Wild! Happy World Sea Turtle Day!!!

JUNE 16TH – WORLD SEA TURTLE DAY World Sea Turtle Day is used to honor and highlight the importance of sea turtles. These creatures, like any other creature, are magnificent in their own way. Not only are sea turtles beautiful animals, but they also show incredible perseverance and resiliency – after all, they have been […]

Family Session on the beach | Cayman Kids in jeans on the beach LOVE

So I always laugh you can spot the kids who have grown up in Cayman a mile away!!! They are the kids on the beach in jeans! 🙂 (My boys are exactly the same) they don’t feel the heat at all and they just think anything about it. LOVE the fact these guys got to […]

Family Studio Session – Camana Bay and Studio

One great advantage of having the studio at Camana Bay is that our clients can do their studio sessions and also head outside for some great location shots too. We call this a combined session and want to do this when its not so hot so let us know if you are interested in booking […]

Couple on beach with doggy

This couple are leaving Cayman and heading home after a few years on the island. Their ‘baby’ will be heading back with them but not before they had some photos to remember their home for the last couple of years. They had a three wheeler bike which they had used to get around island so […]

Family Portraits – West Bay – Grand Cayman

I was so excited to photograph Paula and Tommy, the cutest couple ever :), Tommy’s daughter had flown over from Scotland for a holiday and we had the opportunity to photograph her and have lots of fun showing off her fantastic tattoo’s! Paula also brought their doggy along which just added to the fun and […]