7 Reasons Why Wedding Videos are a MUST

7 Reasons Why Wedding Videos are a MUST

So your big day is coming up? For months and months you have been planning every little detail of your special day: the venue, the invites, the decor, the food, the seating plan, the list goes on… Typically, excitement and anxiety levels equally reach their peak in the days before the big day and when the wedding day is finally here, many couples describe it as a total blur. And it’s not hard to understand why – with so many people and overwhelming emotions it is often difficult for the couple to truly take in every little moment of their special day.

That’s why a photographer is always considered a mandatory item on the “wedding checklist”. No doubt that he/she will capture all those memories that will remind you of your day, make for beautiful thank you cards and decorate the walls in your home for years to come… but what about those beautiful vows, the sound of the waves in the background or the song for your first dance? While your photographer will certainly capture many of those special details and emotions, here are 7 reasons why you should think of a video team as an absolute must for your special day:

1. Capture those subtle moments

Seeing your grandmother’s emotional reaction as you say your vows or noticing your aunt wiping the chocolate cake off your little cousin’s face are just two examples of what can be captured by your video team. And often it’s those “in-between” moments that are so special but also so easily missed.

2.  See and hear true emotion

There is no doubt that photographs can capture emotion beautifully, but what about the sounds that simply cannot be captured in a photograph, such as your vows, the reception music, meaningful toasts or your dad’s speech?

3. Share your special day with your loved ones overseas

In today’s world we often find our family and friends scattered across cities, countries or even continents and while we would love to have absolutely everyone with us, unfortunately that is not always possible. Sharing your wedding video with your friends and family abroad is the closest they can get to experiencing the day as if they were there in person. Whether you create a dedicated website for your family or simply share your wedding video on social media, it’s the easiest way to let them be a part of your special day.

4. Don’t save on the things that truly matter

You’ve spent countless hours planning, preparing, anticipating and spending money to make your big day perfect.  As a bride, you’ll never wear your wedding dress again and you will most likely never get all those people closest to your heart in the same location again – you simply deserve to have the best way to remember it.

5. Moving images “move” people

Ever met someone who doesn’t like watching movies? Probably not – that is because films move people. Your favourite film can inspire you, provoke you or move you to tears. Moving images and sound simply engage your senses on a deeper level than a still photo, which creates lasting impressions on people. Why would you not want to capture your wedding this way?

6. Watch it again and again and again

While you can’t hang your wedding video on your wall and see it every day like you can with your photos, you can find special times like your anniversary, family gatherings or special holidays to watch it again and let all the memories come flooding back. Your wedding video can make a special occasion even more special or in more difficult times bring support by reminding you of all the reasons for choosing each other in the first place.  

7. Preserving and sharing memories for generations to come

Have you ever wished there was a wedding film from your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding that you could watch or show to your own kids? Years from now… imagine sitting down with your children and grandchildren and sharing your wedding film with them.

Still not convinced that a video team is a “must-have” for your big day? Don’t take our word for it –  simply read what our recently married clients have to say about us or have a look at some of our work.

Jason did our wedding video and it is an absolute dream!!! Jason was with us the whole day and made the videoing process so easy and free. He stayed with us the whole day and made sure to get in what we considered the most important moments of the day. (One being my father’s speech at our reception) When we got the video back, we couldn’t believe how Jason’s artistic eye and editing skills came to life! We shared the video with our family members who live abroad who could not make it and one of the best comments we received was, “Well, we were so sorry that we couldn’t make it, but the video made us feel like we were really there!” I CANNOT thank Jason enough! We will cherish it always!” – Jenna

“Tom’s work is beautiful! The music he put with the film was absolutely perfect and we are so happy with our video. Thank you!” – Shara Anderson

“It’s beautiful Jason, the colors when we’re on the beach and the last shot where Dad is walking me to Sean are so pretty, thank you so much.” – Emily Lehmann

At Picture This Studios, we don’t just record your wedding, we work tirelessly to create an emotion-filled, cinematic wedding film. We pride ourselves in producing something that lets you relive your special day in the most amazing way. If you’re planning a wedding here in the Cayman Islands, here is how you can get in touch:

Email: admin@picturethis.ky
Call: +1 345-943-3686

Visit picturethis.ky/cinematography for more details on our video services.