How to rock styling your family for beach photos | Cayman Photographer

How to rock styling your family for beach photos | Cayman Photographer

How to rock styling your family for beach photos | Cayman Photographer

“What should we wear” is by far the most asked question we receive before a photo session. And rightfully so, choosing your wardrobe for the photoshoot can be the single most important choice you have to make before your session.

We get that coordinating your family’s wardrobe can be stressful and therefore decided to write this guide! We hope that this will inspire you and that you will have some fun in the process of picking the outfits for your photo session.

1. Comfort is key

First and foremost you should be comfortable; wear something that you love and feel good in (if you don’t like an outfit before a photo session you’re not going to like it in your photos either). Bare in mind that we like including play and movement in our photoshoots, your clothing shouldn’t restrict your movement. Forget about shoes, barefoot is always best on the beach.

2. Keep it timeless

We encourage wearing classic clothing to ensure that your images stand the test of time. Try choosing outfits that aren’t too trendy so that you and your loved ones will enjoy the images displayed in your house for many years to come. 

Shy away from logos/name brands/words/graphics on clothing as these can detract from you/your child’s faces. 

3. Coordinate, don’t match

Try to avoid dressing everyone in the exact same color as this can look forced and unnatural. Rather dress your family in complimenting color schemes. For example, dress everyone in creams, blues, and browns, or another complimenting color scheme. If you’re still in doubt, select one patterned outfit for a single person in the family and then pull colors from that pattern to dress everyone else in solid colors to coordinate (the family in this blog post did this extremely well). For more wardrobe inspiration and color scheme examples for your beach family portraits, have a look at our Pinterest Board.

We highly recommend choosing colors that will pick up the hues of the ocean and sunset. Neutrals and muted tones (for example beige, white, cream, soft pinks, blues, and greens) all photograph well. You want your wardrobe to effortlessly blend in with the natural surroundings rather than competing with it. Avoid super bright and neon colors; not only will these draw away from the environment but the colors often reflect on your face.

4. Ask away!

If you’re still unsure or just need a second opinion, please ask away! As photographers we know what photographs well and love to help you!