Top 15 things to do in the Cayman Islands | Picture This Studios

Top 15 things to do in the Cayman Islands | Picture This Studios

Visiting the Cayman Islands? When we’re not out and about taking your photos we spend our time relaxing and enjoying the many different activities on the island. So outside of chilling out on the long stretch of Seven Mile Beach, here is a list of the top 15 things to do in the Cayman Islands. These are in no particular order so don’t jump straight to number one.

A harsh contrast to the soft, sandy beaches along Seven Mile, the Blow Holes, located towards East End, is a scenic spot with the most dramatic waves on the island. Here, the strong waves hitting the south side of the island, get trapped under the complex iron-shore and are pushed out, creating an epic blow-hole effect. Definitely worth a visit for a selfie, just don’t stand too close!

Now on the North side of the Island, right in the top corner after Rum Point you will find Starfish Point. A tranquil, quiet spot surrounded by trees, with shallow, clear water where you can find the famous starfish. Since the water here is so calm, you can simply walk in and admire these unique creatures. If you do pick one up however, just be sure to not take it out of the water as this can suffocate them.

Just keep your hands under the water and wait as they relax into your hand!

Starfish point can be accessed either by driving around towards Rum Point, or many Charter companies provide tour to Starfish Point, along with other points around the Island like Stingray City.

Crystal Sea Charters Tours
Red Sail Cayman Tours

Formerly known as the Turtle Farm the Cayman Turtle Center definitely makes the Best Things to do in Cayman List. This is a whole day out with everything for the whole family!

Yes they have an amazing pool with a water slide, yes they have a snorkelling lagoon with fish and turtles, yes there is a play park, yes there is a bird sanctuary where you can feed the birds, yes there are Turtle tanks where you can hold a Turtle and get that unique photo, yes there is even a crocodile and… no you won’t believe how big the adult turtles get!

Just bring a towel and your swimsuit, they provide everything else.

Visit Cayman Turtle Center

We love to eat and we are certainly spoilt for choice on the Island from Gourmet Chefs to an outdoor jerk chicken BBQ stand we have it all. Camana Bay has some of the top restaurants with Alfresco dining set in beautiful landscapes where the kids can run around and play in the Fountain while you enjoy a relaxing meal.

But if you’re looking for a more authentic Cayman Islands dish you can try fish fry, curried goat or jerk chicken at Heritage Kitchen in West Bay, or Grape Tree Cafe in Bodden Town.

Heritage Kitchen
Grape Tree Cafe

It’s not all about the beaches in the Cayman Islands. For a peaceful and insightful experience take a Kayak tour through the Mangroves. You will learn a lot about this spectacular ecosystem that surrounds and protects the Island.

Whilst paddling along the North Side, not only will you learn about how the Mangroves grow, but how it affects the biology of the surrounding area. You will also get to see the famous “upside-down” jellyfish, and maybe some Green Iguanas enjoying the sunrays.

Book a Mangrove Kayak Tour with Cayman Sea Elements

The Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Park hosts a huge array of tropical plants and woodland walks through natural environments of Grand Cayman. As well as showcasing and preserving plants, they also hold Blue Iguana Habitat; the centre for the National Trust’s Blue Iguana Recovery Program.

Unique to the Cayman Islands, these beautiful lizards are sadly endangered. Fortunately, Blue Iguana Habitat in the Botanic Park works to breed the Blue Iguanas, feeding them their natural diet and when ready release them into the wild. You can see this wonderful creatures on a guided tour through the habitat where you can get up close and learn all about them.

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On the Northside of Grand Cayman you can witness ancient, natural formations on a tour through the breath-taking Crystal Caves. Learn interesting facts about the stone formations on a guided tour through the magnificent stalagmite and stalactite crystal structures.

Located within a mass of tropical vegetation, here Grand Cayman feels more like Jurassic Park than a small, beachy island! Unlike caves in other parts of the world, the Crystal Caves can get very warm and humid, so be sure to wear breathable clothes and decent footwear.

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The Cayman Islands may be small but you can still go for a hike here. The Mastic Trail is an expansive nature walk through a reserve of plants, trees & wildlife unique to the Cayman Islands. Tucked away in the middle of the east side of Grand Cayman off Frank Sound Rd, the Mastic Trail feels very detached from the sandy beaches and the busy streets of George Town and Camana Bay.

Best paired with a knowledgeable guide, you will learn lots about the nature of the Cayman Islands, you may see rare birds passing by and you’ll enjoy a good hike off the beaten path. Best wear decent walking shoes/sneakers rather than flip flops!

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Not feeling up for try Scuba Diving but want to see what the world below is like? With Atlantis Submarines you can journey deep into the Cayman seas on a real submarine tour. The Cayman Islands has some of the best conditions in the world for exploring underwater, and the guides on the Atlantis Submarine Tours have an extensive knowledge of the sea-life, fish and coral that the Cayman Islands has to offer.

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Many people visiting or living in the Cayman Islands will have come from much bigger parts of the world, with a lot more people, cars, buildings and a byproduct of all these – light pollution. Because of this many people don’t get to see the stars very clearly. Since the Cayman Islands are much smaller compared to other civilizations around the Caribbean and North America we have far less light pollution and get to see the stars quite clearly, perfect for a Cayman Islands Photographer.

Around the middle of each month, during the new moon, the Cayman Islands Astronomy Society host a star gazing event at Pedro St James’ Castle. Not only do you get to see the stars and planets clearly through their telescopes, but they can let you know all about constellations in the night sky.

For more information visit the Cayman Astronomy Facebook Group
Click here for more information on Pedro St James’ Castle

If you’re planning a visit to Cayman it is well worth exploring the opportunity to start Scuba Diving. Whether you are certified or a total beginner, Cayman has the top diving operators in the world.

The Cayman Islands are known for being one of the top dive locations in the world and you don’t even have to go that deep. From an easy resort dive to a full on multiple dive schedule Cayman has you covered. Some of our favourite dive spots are the caves at Eden Rock and the Kittewake Shipwreck dive. If you’re feeling adventurous you could venture out on a boat dive from Eastend to swim with sharks!

Visit to book a boat dive to the Kittiwake Shipwreck

It is called the Cayman Islands after all! Both much smaller and quieter than Grand Cayman, but both offer unique experiences. The smallest of the 3 islands; Little Cayman is known for its quiet and beautiful sandy beaches, with no one in site.

You can even kayak, paddle or swim over to Owens Island where you can snorkel in clear, shallow water. Owens Island is even visible from beautiful resorts like Southern Cross Club, which also offer fun activities such as fishing and scuba diving.

Perhaps the more contrasting of the three islands, Cayman Brac has a prehistoric feel to it. The Bluff, a breathtaking limestone cliff that runs the length of the island, contains many interesting caves, and has perfect spots for rock climbing. Rock Iguana Ltd. offer tours with activities such as climbing, rafting and even Yoga.

Arguably one the Cayman Islands lesser known but one of the most amazing attractions is the Bioluminescence Kayak Tour at night. Bioluminescence are microorganisms that emit light, and the Cayman Islands is one of the best places to see this extraordinary spectacle. As they only emit a small amount of light, to see them at their best, you need to go during the new moon when there is little to no light.

You can enjoy this beautiful display from the comfort of a Kayak, or if you really want to enjoy the light display at it’s best you need to get in the water! Don’t be afraid though, these microorganisms are harmless. You will see them creating unearthly patterns of light around your hands whilst you move around in the water.

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And last but not least, the Cayman Island’s most famous tourist attraction – Stingray City. A shallow sandbar in the middle of the North Sound sea where you can hang out with Stingrays. Take a boat trip out with Red Sail Sports and visit these bizarre creatures in a relaxing and unique setting. Although Stingrays are usually quite shy, they’re actually really friendly. At Stingray City they enjoy interacting with people and even having a kiss!

But if you’re feeling especially adventurous you can even dive with the Stingrays at the deeper part of Stingray City.

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